– Time is one of the parameters involved in the Wavelet algorithm.

– As for all parameters in the Tab Noise You can tray different values without baking again the simulation, you only have to rebake the noise.

– This value has an influence on where the noise field is evaluated. It can be used as a seed to give wavelet noise a slightly different look in two domains that are otherwise the same (source: docs.blender.org)

– If you input a zero Blender will set Time=0.0001 as you can see by clicking again on this field (same as for Scale)

– If you want Time to produce different distribution of the noise, you do have to set Strength >0

– In this first example I set Strength=0, for this reason the two videos are identical (and yes, I randomly compared some frames finding identical results):

– Note: As you can see I didn’t apply any denoiser to this simulation to better appreciate the noise added by this parameter.

– In the next videos I set Strength=1 so that changing the Time value leads to some difference in the added noise:

– Here a magnified detail:

Blender Smoke Noise Time
Blender Smoke Noise Time