Flame Color

– This parameter sets the color of smoke created by burnt fuel.

– In Node Editor you can use the attribute ‘color’ to assign the color you choose in Flame Color to the smoke as in this example.

– In this example I set the Flow Type to “Only Fire”, in this way the smoke created (orange on the left and blue on the right) is only that by the burnt fuel!

– In the Tab Settings of the Flow object you find the parameter ‘Smoke Color’ (only for Flow Type ‘Smoke’ and ‘Fire + Smoke’).

– ‘Flame Color’ (domain) sets the color of the smoke created by burnt fuel while ‘Smoke Color’ (object flow) sets the color of the smoke directly generated by the Flow Object.

– If you assign different colors to the Flame Color (domain) and Smoke Color (Flow Object), they will mix (e.g yellow and blue will give you green).

Blender Smoke Color