Is BlenderPlay registration Free ?
Yes, due to lot of requests BlenderPlay Animated Guide is Free.

Are there any prerequisites necessary for this type of guide?
I always try to find the simplest way to explain each parameter using comparative videos, anyway the comprehension depends on your background studies, on your mathematics and physics level and on the specific parameter you are focusing on.

How can I see a video if I get the error “Error 60072013. time expired” ?
This issue mostly happens when you have a cache plugin working on the video pages. BlenderPlay video urls shouldn’t be cached as they are dynamic.
Please disable Any such plugin from video pages.

I cannot access some pages, what can I do?
Free users should be able to access all BlenderPlay pages, please send me a message containing the page(s) you cannot access.

How can I delete my account and all data related?
If you want to delete all your personal data you can, after login, access to your profile and click on the ‘Delete account and data’ Button. You can also contact me to correct or delete your personal information.