Add Resolution

– This parameter sets the number of voxels (see Voxel on Wikipedia) to add around the outside of the domain.

– In this example you can see how the adaptive domain modify itself according to the evolution of the smoke until reaching its new dimension (the red box).

– You must put this value in relation with the Domain Resolution: adding 10 voxels when Domain Resolution is 30 leads to a bigger difference than adding 10 voxels when Domain Resolution is 200!

– In this 1st example domain resolution was set to 38 (I also activated High Resolution). The Domain can expand about 18% (7/38):

– As you can see, when you enable the Adaptive Domain and set ‘Add Resolution’ to a value greater than zero, two new boxes are created:

A new domain (the red box in this example, 7 cells greater than the orginal domain in this 1st example)

A second and smoller box (the yellow box in this example) containing the voxels that will be calculated.

– Another example, Domain Resolution:128, the domain can expand about 39% (50/128): Note how the more the domain can expand, the more realistic the simulation is:

Blender Fluid Gas Adaptive Domain Add Resolution