Description of the Animated Guide

Blenderplay’s Animated Guide is free.

All parameters (with only some exceptions) related to Blender’s Physic simulations are presented as “comparative videos” , in this way you can see what happens to the same simulation when you change only one specific parameter. Blender Docs is a great source of documentation, it’s my reference site when I have to write some lines of text for each parameter.

In this animated guide I try to focus on the meaning of each parameter, so you’ll find very basic scenes with simple objects and colors, i prefer to not waste time trying to render realistic simulations (to that there is already BlenderGuru website ;-).


All videos are hosted on Vimeo. A top banner will ask you to accept the use of Vimeo as video hosting. Only accepting the use of Vimeo you’ll be able to play all Blenderplay’s videos.