– This site needs an updated HTML5 Browser with DRM support.
– On desktop devices Widevine DRM is supported by Chrome, Firefox & Opera browsers via Widevine CDM.

I tested BlenderPlay with:

Firefox (67.0.4), Widevine enabled, on Windows 10 x64
Opera (60.0), Widevine enabled, on Windows 10 x64
Chrome (75.0), Widevine enabled, on Windows 10 x64

On small devices you have to install Zen Player (tested on Android 4.2.2 with Firefox and Zen Player installed) but remember that BlenderPlay website is not suitable for use on small devices.

– Widevine natively supports HTML5 video player and DASH streaming protocol. In the absence of native HTML5 DRMs content providers had to get users to install a Silverlight plugin or use the Adobe Access DRM through Flash but I don’t recomend it (for security and performance reasons).

Description of the Animated Guide

All parameters (with only some exceptions) related to Blender’s Physic simulations are presented as “comparative videos” , in this way you can see what happens to the same simulation when you change only one specific parameter. Blender Docs is a great source of documentation, it’s my reference site when I have to write some lines of text for each parameter.

In this animated guide I try to focus on the meaning of each parameter, so you’ll find very basic scenes with simple objects and colors, i prefer to not waste time trying to render realistic simulations (to that there is already BlenderGuru website ;-).