Field Absorption

– In this example the vertical plane was set as a Collider.
– Field Absorption = 0 (0% absorption) results in all force getting through the collision/deflector object.
– Field Absorption = 1 (100% absorption) results in no force getting through the collision/deflector object at all.

– Another example for two different values of Field Absorption.
– The bigger the Field Absorption value, the more the obstacle masks the field:

Blender Collision Field Absorption


– Particles, Soft Bodies and Cloth objects may collide with mesh objects. Boids try to avoid Collision objects.
– You may limit the effect on particles to a group of objects (in the Field Weights panel).
– Deflection for soft body objects is difficult, they often penetrate the colliding objects.
– Hair particles ignore deflecting objects (but you can animate them as soft bodies which take deflection into account).